Books Written by Dr. Janet G. Woititz

Unwelcome Inheritance

Lisa Sue Woititz & Janet G. Woititz Ed.D

Unwelcome Inheritance Hazelden $14.95

In Unwelcome Inheritance: Break Your Family’s Cycle of Addictive Behavior, Lisa Sue Woititz combines her own insights with the unpublished contributions of her late mother, the early leader in the adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) movement, Dr. Janet Woititz, uncovering how multiple generations of people affected by addiction continue to enable their children’s substance abuse and how, without realizing it, they continue to model the addictive behaviors learned from their own parents. These ACOA pioneers then bring to light these hidden behavior patterns-including impulsivity, misplaced loyalty, people pleasing, insecure parenting styles, and multiple compulsive and addictive behaviors-so that you can take a clear look at how you got to this point. Additional points of inquiry, illustrated by stories from the trenches of the ACOA Movement, help you explore what you can (and can’t) do to help your children, your children’s children and yourself lead healthy, balanced lives.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Janet G. Woititz Ed.D

Adult Children of Alcoholics $12.95

Here in an expanded edition, Dr. Woititz, the mother of the ACOA movement, provides wisdom and information for all Adult Children of dysfunctional families. A Pioneer, Dr. Woititz broke new ground in our understanding what it is to be an Adult Child of an Alcoholic. Today she re-examines the movement and its inclusion of Adult Children from various dysfunctional family backgrounds who share the same characteristics. After more than ten years of working with ACoA’s she shares the recovery hints that she has found to work. Adult Children of Alcoholics has wisdom to offer Adult Children of any age from any place.


This book has been translated into several different languages.

Healthy Parenting

Janet G. Woititz Ed.D

Healthy Parenting $14.95

If you grew up in a troubled or dysfunctional family and suffered through a parent's problems with chronic illness, addiction, emotional upheaval, or loss, you probably know what you don't want for your kids. but, you may lack the tools and experiences to create the nurturing home you do want: a place where your children's physical and emotional needs are consistently met and where your children feel safe, valued, and loved.

In Healthy Parenting, Dr. Woititz, a leading therapist, contrasts what happens in a healthy family with what happens in an unhealthy family to show just how your own upbringing influences the way you raise your children, and what you can do to make their upbringing better for them.

  • In a healthy family the child is always loved even if the child's behavior is unacceptable. In an unhealthy family not only is the behavior criticized but the child is shamed as well.
  • In a healthy family the parent is teacher and guide. In an unhealthy family the child brings himself up the best he can.
  • In a healthy family there is structure, and reasonable limits are set. In an unhealthy family there is chaos or extreme rigid it.

As both a therapist and a parent, Janet Woititz can give you the guidance you missed in your childhood and help you avoid the mistakes your parents made.

The Self Sabotage Syndrome

Janet G. Woititz Ed.D

The Self Sabotage Syndrome $8.95 Paperback
$9.95 Hardcover
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your job?
  • Are you so stressed on the job that you can't sleep? Headaches? Stomach aches?
  • Do you spend much of your time thinking and talking about your job?
  • Do you feel responsible for everything that goes wrong on the job?
  • Are you loyal to your boss and co-workers, even when they don't deserve it?
  • Do you work well under pressure but have trouble completing long term projects?

Adult Children are among any company's most productive and valuable employees -- dedicated, conscientious, capable and eager to please. But, if you are an Adult Child and answered yes to most of the above questions, you may be suffering from workaholism, burn-out or other work related problems. This book shows you what to look for and how to make your work life more satisfying and effective.

The Struggle for Intimacy

Janet G. Woititz Ed.D

The Struggle for Intimacy $10.95

Marriage on the Rocks

Janet G. Woititz Ed.D


How to Live with an Alcoholic

Dr. Woititz in her first, break through book addresses the spouses of alcoholics who feel overwhelmed and desperate in their marriages. Her focus is to show that the boundaries of isolationism and depression that living with an alcoholic brings does not necessarily mean one cannot eventually find piece of mind. Whether or not the alcoholic continues drinking.

Marriage on the Rocks can show you the coping skills you deserve to have when Alcoholism impacts your life.

Healing Your Sexual Self

Janet G. Woititz Ed.D

Healing Your Sexual Self $8.95

In Healing Your Sexual Self Dr. Woititz talks to the millions of men and women, their partners and concerned loved ones, who are "blocked" from healthy relationships because of things that happened to them in their childhood’s. She sensitively identifies what happens to adults who have sexually abused or had their sexuality abused as children, and how those experiences play out in their adult lives in ways that may or may not be sexual. The devastating impact that results when the needs of a parent govern an individual’s thoughts and feelings is also explored. The author gives us the tools for entering realistic and healthy relationships.

This is a book which will appeal to everyone who has problems with intimacy (emotional and physical), to those who have difficulty trusting, to anyone who has ever felt frigid or been impotent, and to those who pick partners who have difficulty combining love and sex.

Life Skills for Adult Children

Janet G. Woititz Ed.D and Alan Garner, M.A.

Life Skills for Adult Children $8.95

Imagine how you would feel if . . .

  • you could stand up for yourself without losing your temper
  • you could make a decision without secnd guessing yourself
  • you didnt have that sense of worthlessness every time someone criticized you.
  • you could learn to say NO and stick with it.

In Lifeskills For Adult Children you can learn how to do these things and more. This book is designed specifically for Adult Children and teaches skills to make your complex adult life easier, while improving your sense of self -worth. Examples are porovided to help clarify the lessons and exercises are given to help you practice your new skills.

So if you have difficulty . . .

  • asking for what you want
  • solving problems
  • handling criticism
  • saying NO

$14.99 for Lifeskills book and Lifeskills workbook if purchased together.

Lifeskills Workbook $8.95

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