Recovery for Adult Children of Alcoholics

Low Self Esteem and the Adult Child

Welcome. This site has been created to provide a resource for people interested in the works of Dr. Janet Woititz, for ACOA’s (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and others who can relate or grew up in dysfunctional family environments.

Dr. Woititz, known as Dr. Jan, wrote the New York Times Best Seller, Adult Children of Alcoholics considered worldwide to be the definitive work describing the issues specific to those who were raised in families impacted by alcohol, drugs and the dysfunctional behaviors of others.

Dr. Jan's ground breaking works, her embracing spirit and accessible style continue to be relevant and vital in assisting individuals to an understanding of their past and the empowering possibilities of the future. Dr. Jan by addressing difficult real life issues directly with compassion and humor, shame and isolation are no longer barriers to living a vital and healthy emotional life. Experience has proven that the challenges facing ACOA’s have value for adult children of all ages, races, ethnicity and national origin.

The Works of Dr. Woititz include but are not limited to; The New York Times Best Sellers -- Adult Children of Alcoholics, The Intimacy Struggle, Healthy Parenting, The Self Sabotage Syndrome, Marriage on the Rocks and lots more!!

If you are currently in a crisis or are not sure there are many fine organizations including The Alcoholics Anonymous family progams that can be easily and painlessly located in the front pages of your local telephone book. Be aware that there are many sincere and good people who want to be of help you. Many have dealt with many of the same experiences that you may be struggling with today. You only have to pretend for a moment not to have fear and reach out.

We wish you the best of all things. Enjoy.